Monday, March 22, 2010

Edwards on diverse excellencies found in Christ

Key Points from Jonathan Edwards' The Excellency of Christ. (Click the link to listen/download!)

There is an admirable conjunction of diverse excellencies in Jesus Christ:

Infinite glory and lowest humility meet in the person of Christ - He is both lion AND (slain) lamb!

In Christ are conjoined absolute sovereignty & perfect resignation...

In Christ is [conjoined] self-sufficiency and an entire trust an reliance which is on God...

In Christ meet the deepest reverence toward God & equality with God...

In Christ meet an exceeding spirit of obedience with supreme dominion over heaven and earth

[in His greatest act of obedience to God, He was treated as the worst kind of person!]
and finally,

Christ never so much appeared as a lamb as when He was slain.

Some words He used in this sermon: (click for definitions!)
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