Wednesday, December 4, 2013

365 temperatures - a year's worth of blanketing

I have decided to undertake yet another a rather momentous project. . . and am looking for your help!

Perhaps you have heard of the temperature scarf? As in, you knit/crochet a row a day in various colors depending on the temperature out-of-doors? ...(seen on revelry, with bernat yarn, and several bloggers' attempts.)

Well, I would much rather have something more all-purpose-and-all-encompassing, so my goal for January1st - December 31st of 2014 is to crochet a blanket (potentially 10 foot long, enough for couch-warmers to share/stay warm) with a row-a-day based on the temperature.

Here are my color choices, and the temperatures I chose to associate with those colors:
(All yarn is Caron Simply Soft, found at Michaels, Joanns, Walmart, and online retailers).

100F and higher:  Autumn Red
90-99F: Red
80-89F: Persimmon

75-79F: Bone (also used in another afghan I am trying to finish)... 
65-74F: Sunshine (because I hope to have lots of sun this coming year, obviously!)
55-64F: Sage
45-54F: Light Country Blue
33-44F: Blue Mint
21-32F: Pagoda
10-20F: Ocean
0-9F: Iris
below 0F: Passion

....would you be willing to sponsor me by donating a skein (or more?!) of yarn? My goal is to start and finish this project by January 1st of 2015, and I would need to start ASAP on January 1st of this coming new year :)  I can't promise you a prize or anything fantastic if you donate some yarn, but I will mention your name (or not, if you prefer anonymity) on this blog and post updates regularly of my progress.

Please let me know in an e-mail (if you have my address), FB message (if we're friends), or a comment if you would like to donate some yarn, and I will message you my address if you will be willing to be so fantastic as to join me in this!  ... and share this post with your friends, and maybe we can keep this fun little (well, large) trend going!


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