Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beach Story! (and how to sign up if you're interested in Paparazzi)

A few days ago a lady emailed me asking how she could sign up as a consultant with the amazing company I work for. I usually just get spam emails asking me to buy things for a daughter's wedding with a "cheque" so I'll point that person back to my Paparazzi website on the off chance that they're really interested.  That same day, however, my daughter figured out how to open her jar of gummy vitamins so everything was kinda sorta crazy while I was picking them all up and extracting the few she'd crammed inner sweet mouth ;)

So once it was nap time, I sent her an email detailing how to sign up on the website and suggested myself as a consultant to sign under (#79784) if she was interested in using me as a mentor (because I'm part of an amazing group of consultants on Facebook that I've learned so much from already!).
I wasn't sure if she was real or not, but sure enough, I got an email a few hours later saying I had a new consultant!!  So I contacted her to welcome her, and she emailed me back with a few questions - from the beach. Because Paparazzi is that amazing that you can sell, join, and shop from anywhere. 

Really though, Paparazzi Accessories is super easy to sign up with. Even if you can't afford one of the bigger kits (there are three to choose from - $99, $299, and $499) I highly recommend the larger kits if you can - less work for you, more profit. (Additionally, the more inventory you have, the more you'll sell!)

So first step - go to this page if you're interested in joining.
They'll want you to select a consultant. If you select me, it'll email me and then I'll get in contact with you and add you to a few select, secret groups on Facebook where you can learn SO much to rock your business.
After you select me as your consultant (not just because I'm in a history-making support group on Facebook ;) ) you'll need to select a kit. The bigger the kit, the better, because you'll have to do less upfront ordering (= more profit for you!!).
Then it's a super easy checkout from there, and Paparazzi will email you with instructions on how to set up your own website and log in - they also have a great app, too! - then don't forget to find me on Facebook (Amanda Elaine Eldridge) and send me a message so I can add you to our group! :)

Are you ready to rock your new business? :)  Let's get started!   If a stranger can sign up and shop on the beach, you can, too! :)
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