Thursday, August 3, 2017

What is my WHY?

I joined Paparazzi Accessories as an independent consultant at the end of May. I sold some of my favorite jewelry because we literally had no extra money and invested in the most inexpensive starter kit they had - $99 for at least 35 pieces of jewelry and business supplies. I could have taken that money and just paid for diapers, but I knew I had to join to help better the lives of my babies and my family.   Do I regret joining?  No. Nope. Nopers. One of my main "jobs" (at least in my head) is saving my family money.
That's why I Ibotta.
That's why I Checkout51.
That's why I collect Starbucks stars and Pampers rewards.  (last year I bought 3 of my kids' Christmas presents with rewards from buying their diapers ;) )

If I had more money I would have gotten a larger start kit to have built my inventory more quickly, because everyone knows (or should know) that the more you have to show, the more likely it is that you sell.

Not that Paparazzi doesn't sell, because it's only $5 for the grown-up items. It's not gold or sterling silver, but it is lead and nickel free - and that's important to me. My ears don't always like costume jewelry, and sometimes during pregnancy my fingers don't like my white gold wedding ring (?!).
I know there are other jewelry sales businesses out there, but I can't justify spending $35-40 on a necklace when my kids need diapers. So hey, what if I got the giant box of diapers off Amazon or at Target, and bought myself a necklace for the same price?  (and they're stinking CUTE, and I can wear them without hurting my ears or getting rashes like some of the other "costume jewelry" out there).

Their retail commission is 45%, which is more than so many companies offer. Additionally, you can earn up to 10% on commission from what your team members order each month. <3  What's not to love?

I joined because we have accumulated SO much DEBT over the past few years with our job losses, and I've already seen how it's starting to help my family. Not only financially, but in boosting my confidence and giving my daughter and I something fun to do while baby brother sleeps. :)  I also really, really enjoy finding ways to bless others with what I find and add to my inventory :)
I look forward to sharing more fun stories with you, and comparisons from stores / Paparazzi :)  (because if I can save $20 on jewelry, I WILL.) :-*

If you're interested in more information, check out my website and the fun things I get to share! :)
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