Friday, February 22, 2008

circle, circle, square.

did you get to see the last lunar eclipse until 2010? I did. These are pictures of what it's like to take a picture of the moon without very much light at all... and when the moon wants to travel, it will go far!

I found the perfect blanket pattern to go with my baby book - here - and I've changed the color scheme a bit so I can use some of my stash...

here are most of the colors (minus the pink hearted tablecloth =^D):I love the gray and yellow together. Love.

I'm selling a few things on CafePress - framed pictures, posters, journals, etc. If you're interested in an item but want a different picture, let me know and I can swap them - I'm using the money i earn from these to pay off my college loans. :) Thanks for your support!
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