Thursday, December 10, 2009

50 Things From the Past Decade of my life. (He's Been Faithful)

This is stolen from Holly - I was ruther inspired by her post on FB, and I am going to attempt my own list. Especially since,... In one week I am turning 26! So from the tail end of my 15th year until now, here goes!

1. I played the piccolo in pep band, and really enjoyed "Stars and Stripes Forever" because of the piccolo solo (soli, but there was only myself on the picc!)

2. My family and I traveled to Maine and took a boat ride and saw seals basking in the sun.

3. My younger cousin was the first of the girl cousins to get married and now has three children.

4. I went to Spain for a weekish with some peeps from Spanish class. The only Spanish I really used was at Subway (the food chain)

5. I had three different dishes featuring octopus while in Spain.

6. I gave flute lessons to a younger student.

7. I played a solo in Solo and Ensemble and did ... decently =)

8. I was really into classical music in high school.

9. I had a few crushes, but none of the guys I liked were mutually interested...

10. I may have broken a few hearts by having high standards.

11. I still haven't kissed anyone...

12. I worked at Red Hot Inn and did basically everything possible while there.

13. God gave me a burden for the people I worked with at Red Hot.

14. I filled up several prayer journals while in high school, under Pastor John's influence, and rediscovering them a month ago was one of the best things to have happened this year.

15. I went to Homecoming and had one of the most fun, amazing nights ever (thanks, Chris!) along with being told I looked beautiful by a boy before I left

16. I participated in Bible Quizzing and learned tons and got out of my comfort zone.

17. I attended Reborne Rangers at Lake Ann Camp and really saw God pull a group of 60ish youngsters together for His glory.

18. I discussed entomology with God while at Reborne Rangers and heard Him telling me that I could be a lightbulb for Him while studying entomology.

19. Because of entomology, I applied to MSU, and MSU alone. ...

20. I was accepted into MSU (Michigan state) and started classes in the fall of 2002.

21. In high school, Christee and I met almost every day before school in Mr. Lameyer's room to pray. It was amazing. I miss that.

22. Also in HS, I stuck with the same small group at West Cannon (after switching churches) for three years. God used those girls to bring me closer to Him. (Sex is good, sex is great, sex can wait!)

23. I went to Teen Leadership Conference (again, in HS) and God spent a lot of time convicting me about boys...

24. God brought me into a great group of college students on campus.

25. I met one of my best friends at MSU, and Kelli's stuck with me ever sense!

26. Kel and I were BOTH devastated by a male . . . but God used it for our good.

27. (Through that,) I learned that forgiveness is not instant, but it is possible.

28. In college, I learned about the importance of discipleship and accountability.

29. I worked in the cafeteria in Brody Hall, which is like the largest non-military cafeteria or something.

30. I made lots of friends in the cafeteria, and got away with a lot. . . ;)

31. I switched to student maintenance and God gave me a burden and mission field for/with those boys.

32. I discovered the importance of keeping old friends "back home" while making new ones.

33. God pointed out Hebrews 12:3 to me on a Therefore summer retreat when we were up near Mackinaw City, and brought me out of a spiritually dry spell.

34. I changed churches in the last semester of college and started attending a really small church, along with Joey, who started college the semester I was finishing up.

35. I watched almost all of my close friends get married, and the majority of "everyone else" got married as well. I remain single.

36. I can view my singleness as a blessing, and am learning to take advantage of this time for His glory.

37. I served with ACMNP (A Christian Ministry in the National Parks) during the summer of 2008 and made like a gazillion friends, learned about the tourist industry, and hiked the badlands.

38. I biked the Mah Dah Hey trail for 5 or so miles. And walked my bike through the Little Missouri River - It came up to my waist or so...

39. I had a real, salaried job, if only for a year.

40. I taught Spanish to students that could have cared less about Spanish, but saw so many improvements because of God's grace and my attempts to listen to broken, hurting hearts.

41. I learned to love my students more than myself, and spent countless hours crying, praying, and making up my own text, tests, lessons, and games.

42. I learned the answer to the ultimate question. ;)

43. I've learned through trial and error that even though Skype, email, cell phones, and snail mail exist, nothing beats talking in person, even though snail mail comes in at a close second.

44. I've come to really like snuggling with people.

45. I started my Master's degree... one of the benefits of being single.

46. I was invited to a Bible study "Down the Road" by a friend and have been stretched beyond my imagination and made some amazing new friends.

47. I participated in the Journibles guinea pig test group :)

48. I stood up as bridesmaid in two of my friends' weddings (three this spring)

49. I get to watch almost everyone else have babies, and I am still... single, and my womb is still... empty; however, I know God is faithful, and what He has planned for me is far greater than anything I can type or imagine.

50. I am still learning to trust Him everyday, but like the song says, "every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before," and the more time I spend in the word, the more I want to only spend time with Him.
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