Thursday, April 15, 2010

My list

While cleaning my room, I came across a list of standards for "him" I'd compiled during my freshman year at MSU...

In no particular order, here are my standards from back then... I have a few others on another sheet of paper, but these are from one 3x4 notebook page. They are also a challenge to myself.
Here 'tis: 1. Seeks God's will 2. strong, growing Christian 3. being "discipled" by someone (or has someone he can ask difficult questions, study the Word, etc.) 4. listens / talks (knows when to do either) 5. honest 6. willing to work hard 7. doesn't drink / smoke 8. friends with guys & girls 9. loves his family 10. desires to serve ("rises to the bottom") 11. loves kids (and kids love him).
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