Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5.35 miles at Huff Park

I think I am going to start writing my mileage on here, as well. That way I can keep track of it on a paperless, harder-to-lose format. ... and if you wanted a running buddy, you can use me. :)
So ... yesterday I ran at Huff Park. 5 "laps" around the boardwalk / wooded / paved paths. Each lap is 1.07 miles. The beginning of the trail usually has a small puddle, but it rained two days ago and the lower, sagging parts of the boardwalk were a little... moist, so i had to take a walk-through-that-part. .. ... and still ended up soaking my shoes... haha.

it was a good run, though. i had my Sony on shuffle, and a lot of Shane came up, and some Relient K, and Switchfoot. So, it was "slower music," but it kept me going :) I'm not doing very well as far as speed, but that's okay. I think as long as I can persevere, that'll come in due time. I might not ever be as fast as some people, at least right now, but looking back to a year ago,.... and i can run 3, or 4, or 5 miles without stopping now? God is good!

It was perfect running weather... not too humid or hot, but just warm enough, and just windy enough to keep the sweat from getting in my eyes ;)

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