Monday, November 22, 2010

Zeal for Your House will consume Me. . .

As a follower of the Messiah, does zeal for God's house consume you? (Ps. 69:9, Jn 2:18)  (When I write you / we / us / or I, I mean all of those jointly...) 

I was reading this morning from John, and remembered the Psalm that ended up describing Jesus in that way from my study last week, and decided to share some thoughts. 

As Americans in a freedom-of-religion era (whatever that may mean), we have a responsibility to uphold the truth as highly and as steadily as we can. if that means taking extra time to take care of the church, what are we to do? As a follower - imitator - of the Messiah, the Rabbi, the Holy One of Israel, how are we to view God's house? 

I know we don't actually have The Temple in Grand Rapids / Chicago / Dallas / well, anywhere *Rob used slash in a meeting last night and credited it to me, but really, I blame Emily R. Smith...* but even though we don't have a physical Temple, what are we to view as God's house besides the place we go to partake in corporate worship? 

I know, I know - we have a few churches in each neighborhood. Rather, far more than that. 

How often, though, do we really care about the building? Jesus was zealous for His Father's House - so much so that he caused a ruckus, a hullabaloo, an ordeal. He didn't like the changes that were happening, and took action. Some people might not have agreed with Him - or profited from His actions - but He took action.

So when a church that you've chosen as "My Father's House" - even though you may not speak or read Hebrew or give sacrifices - has meetings, and people do not show up, should we also take action? 

How do we act about keeping the church clean?

How can we help support His House financially, or supervisionally? (I know, not a word, but it is, now...) 

Just some thoughts to get you started.


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