Sunday, May 22, 2011


Erm, yes, it has been a length of time or time since last I posted, but I are still alive. God is good :)

Project: cutting up old tshirts, crocheting the strips into an oval-ular rug. It's maybe 3' x 1' right now, but I'm not really good with numbers, so we shall see what it really is never. : )

Finished a series Lauraine Snelling wrote set in MEDORA -  Rather good, but I want to go visit TRNP now like whoa.

Flew a kite with David.

planted some peas from Goodwill and they have sprouted.

learned a lot with other females at / through "Far Above Rubies" with West Cannon chicas.  Totallilly up my alley=) facts / hints, etc. coming soon perhaps. we have a huge binder-full.

Deuteronomy has a lot in common with Romans :)

i propagated some rhubarb and now have 5 plants that made it! :)
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