Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a little story

transcribed from an assortment of text messages between Crystie and myself one fine day while she was at work and I was traveling to / at / from a track meet. Crystie's contributions are in bold, and mine are in plain type. 

A little boy was walking along the beach and found a 
and he thought what am i going to do with a hairtie hmmm ...
shoot it at a gull!  
But then a huge wave knocked him down
(the gull or the boy?)
the boy... but u write it how u want   ;) 
He magically turned into a flounder and squiggled all the way to the bottom of the sea . . .
where he saw a beautiful underwater castle filled with
naked mermaids (of course, we all know mermaids don't wear shells. that's purely uncomfortable) ...
He smiled and thought oh yeah this is the life he then saw an octopus off in the distance and started swimming towards it 
the octopus was allergic to little boys so he pulled out his
8 limbs to cover his mouth when he sneezed which caused a massive wave knocking the fish back into a boy
the size of a small chihuahua
he put his little hands in front and started "doggy" paddling to shore
and ran into a
sand castle
shaped liike the White House. A figurine of Barakster was standing on the stoop connected to the servants' entrance near the back, one hand raised in salute. "Egad!" exclaimed the youngster as he
did some remodeling adding a mcdonalds and an indoor pool near the courtyard
and topped it all off with a terrarium full of
his friends all holding snakes
and each snake held a lovely parrot in its mouth
he began screaming only to wake up to his mom holding him saying dont worry it was all just a dream honey 
as she bit his neck
no he did not the story is over
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