Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blessing #9 - routine

It is in the routine of life where we are really visible.

Establishing this routine - school, kids, dating, more kids, church, more kids, making new friends, more kids, maintaining relationships, more kids - has been changing who I am.

Each day, I have the choice - Joshua 24:15. I can choose to serve gods, or I can chose to serve God. Some days, I make little choices that serve gods like my students, my boyfriend, my family, or myself. Other days, I can jump up and down and spin in circles because I can honestly say I was serving Him - those are the best days. ... but they're still not as regular as I would like. I want to be at my 111% for Him. Not just 87%, or 94%, or even 17%. . . but 111%.   (That's my number - substitutable for whole-hearted.)

and part of being 111% is what I do in the routine, everyday bits that appear day after day after day.

the chaos of being a "first" (albeit, second) year teacher is wearing down and picking up at the same time. We've survived the first quarter, I've noticed both good and bad things that need tweaking in my classroom, and God's been reteaching me the importance of carving (and stealing, if need be) time for Him alone.

I've been trying to read a bit of Proverbs every day, along with a bit of various books and passages. I want to go deeper. starting with every little bit of every day God gives me - the big days and the small ones.

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