Thursday, March 1, 2012

invention ideas ...

From our invention diary:

Day one: come up with a problem.
--For Junior (his younger brother) to stop bothering me.

Day two: list all possible solutions to that problem.
--loock my door, lie, and bother him, tie him up lock him in his house. 

Day three: tell three people about your solutions...  see what they would suggest.
(talked with mom, dad, and brother): they chose "bother him." 

Day four: after talking with those three people, rethink any possible solutions that might not work, and pick ONE to start working on:
Love him and take good care of him :)   :)   :)   

His invention: a cardboard facsimile of the church building with a door opening big enough for a hamster. I'm not quite sure of it's intended purpose, but his dad came to the invention fair, so that was cool :)

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