Sunday, July 15, 2012

fireworks and life

Currently looking for jobs in a mountain town on the ocean in a place with cooler (than Miami) weather, a yellow Jeep, a house with a yard / room to play, a neighborhood safe enough to run in, and a church where we can hear the Word of God and see His body loving on each other and their community...

but we'll take whatever else God has for us.

Waiting for fireworks to start at the Homestead Miami Speedway 

the speedway is "behind" us

the explosions ... 

I do not vow to post blog posts in any logical order whatsoever. It's more fun that way!   The above pictures are from July 4th, 2012. We looked around for a place to watch fireworks, and saw an adVER-tiss-ment on the window at Publix for the Speedway... we drove over in the midst of a miniature downpour, but it stopped by the time we arrived. Other than wiping off our seats, it was a carefree evening :)   The entire bleacher-full of people (or close) stomped in time to the music that was playing to the tune of the fireworks ;)

It was something else altogether amusing to watch fireworks, hear fireworks, and feel fireworks' echos via peoplefeet. :)   

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