Friday, June 21, 2013

is anyone out there? a year ago,... (and a friendly reminder) reverse order, of course!

image is not mine, nor do I know the source. I think it was on etsy? If you can read the embedded link, you can buy it! 

...anyways, I have no idea who my "audience" is - If you ever read this thing, or subscribe, leave me a comment! Let me know what you're interested in reading (and I may or may not drop a few words concerning such a subject!) 

A year ago today (June 21st), David and I had our engagement pictures taken a few miles from the chapel where we'd be married... hey, we were engaged at the time. Don't judge! :D 

^the logo a random bee made from weddingbee. hurrah! 

The next day, (the typical American Friday) we had our rehearsal dinner, and the day after that we tied the knot. (I wanted to go barefoot, but found some super cute, comfortable shoes that I went with instead). 

my shoes, necklace, and a parasol the chapel owner had :) they go together quite swimmingly! 

 Since I don't actually remember any knots that day, let's just say we got married!!. :D 

whose idea was it to buy birdseed at Publix and give it - along with lots of tulle - to Dulcy??? Oh, wait... 

the obligatory be-grossed-out-or-cheer-for-the-kiss picture with our super awesome wedding partayyyy :)
(I was not angry, nor did I punch my new husband in the face, contrary to picture-looks... )

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