Thursday, September 5, 2013


1) We're in Maryland - it's been almost a month! :)  more later ...
1.74) I realize no one knows what's been happening, so I am going to make more of an effort to post on here using pictures, if not words, to keep life interesting for whatever-who-are. :) You might see a lot of "older" pictures, but there are some things I wouldn't mind sharing with the world :)
2) I'm in the process of digging in the dirt clay to make more room for dirt slash topsoil (The dirt is very much clay-ey, the top inch or so has a little dirt, the next few inches have small rocks, and after that it's one big rock after another. That I get to dig out. I have a trench about 6-8" deep, and maybe 4 feet wide by now. (Not sure of the length, I'm not that cool.
3) I built a vermicomposting bin a few days ago  - we got two 30-gallon tubs at Walmart last night - on sale for $4 each! - and I followed the directions written here to put it together.

This is their prototype:

  It was really easy, and I think it will keep Sally and Scooter (our landlady's tiny dog) from eating composty things. . . (which I think happened a bit ago when I caught Sally nomming on a corn cob, and subsequently having nasty diarrhea for a few days; Scooter had something similar. Ick.)
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