Monday, April 28, 2014

A "little" delay

So I've been playing catch-up with my temperature afghan...
February 16th we got a positive pregnancy test, had to wait almost a month for dating ultrasound, and found out on Saint Patrick's Day that our wee leprechaun is due on the 21st of October, give or take a few weeks.
I've had minimal morning sickness and very little weight gain (yay!) :)  pretty sure I've been able to feel baby since a little before 12 weeks.
We're going to try our hardest to wait until October to find out whether baby is a he or a she. :)
So that being said, I've been feeling a lot better and have more energy now (not as much as before, but getting there.... Hopefully, ha ha...) so I've been cranking out the days on my afghan, and it's so much fun seeing all the colors popping out.
Mad props to Weather Underground for having a weather history section for crazy pregnant ladies like myself who need to catch up on incredibly ambitious crochet projects :)
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