Wednesday, August 27, 2008

double rainbows, huge skies, and Jesus music

So even though today was terribly long - I had a mountain of paperwork, texts, and phonecalls to make, and the "people in charge" weren't really concerned with why I was there - it seemed - God is still good. Even if I can't teach simply as a substitute teacher in the classroom I was hoping to get until Tuesday. Even if I have to share a trailer with an older woman and her two yippy dogs. Even if I didn't get as lost in Gallup tonight when I ventured out to get groceries. slash Taco Bell.
Even if I miss people terribly. . .
There is a radio station here called K-Luv or K-Love or I'm not sure what their actual call letters are, but yeah. They followed me all the way to Sanders from Colorado, and God's put a lot of good songs on while i was in the car that have been just what I was supposed to be hearing.
And last night I saw a huge double rainbow covering the whole sky above Sanders.
and it was amazing - did you know that on a double rainbow the two arcs' colors are reversed? it was spiffy. Especially since I saw one over Wyoming's skies two nights before that!
So even though things are maybe not going to stop being frustrating, God is still there, and He cares for me and has a plan for me - whether that be in Medora, Sanders, or Michigan.

Your job?
Pray for me, that I stay faithful to the one who has called me thus far.
That i will be a salty lightbulb for Jesus.
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