Sunday, August 31, 2008

dream big... big enough to include God in those dreams. - Marilyn Laszlo


I've filled out mountains of paperwork, made numerous phone calls, and taken lots of pictures of clouds.
The paperworking process and administration process is incredibly discouraging. :-/ But God brought me to Arizona for some reason or another, and even if I'll never know why, I still want to be able to praise Him through ... whatever this is.

See, the thing is, since I only have a Bachelor's Degree in the Spanish language, I have to apply for an Emergency Teaching Certificate. Which sounds easier than it actually is - it looks like I can only start teaching - in the high school Spanish classroom I was promised - as a substitute teacher to start, and then hopefully really soonfully after that with the emergencey certificate. Which is only good for a year at a time, and renewable if i take 6 credits of Ed. classes. which should be interesting, ....

So I have to be school-board-approved to even be a substitute, and with the Holiday weekend, and really slow-to-move admins (no offense to them, but it was terrible....) it will be at least Wednesday before I can begin working here. Which is frustrating, but I'm trying to look at it as a vacation.

So I have been going through my computer and deleting things that I don't need, organizing my music, using the stove
- God found me a spot living in a spare bedroom of one of the other teacher's trailers in the staff housing - it's nice and all, but she has two dogs and I'm allergic to them.... so hopefully the four new trailers they are bringing in will open up a trailer for me. Hopefully. . .
-- and reading a ton. Another blessing - there is a library, albeit a small one - books! I didn't read much all summer, and contrary to popular belief, it was easier than it seemed. I usually am in the middle of 12 or so books, but I was so busy being friends with great people and keeping in touch (although not as well as I'd've liked) with other great people.

My goal - Write at least a letter a day, or 6 a week, whichever comes first.
And it shall be easy to obtain, especially if you, my loyal readers, write to me.

(hint: Amanda Elaine Johnson
PO Box 1114
Sanders, AZ 86512 )

I went excursing into Gallup, NM today (it's only 35ish minutes away) to find a church - I got there around 10 after 9am and found a church that started Sunday School at 9:45 so I went to the Sunday school there; there was a couple and three men and myself; we read from Acts 27 and 28 where Paul gets shipwrecked. it was good,...
and then I went downstairs for the service which was terrible. Terrible as in,... the pastor started right out with a verse from John right after the time when Jesus heals a blind man while putting spitty mud in his eyes. The "sermon" was about work, and how it's good to have jobs and we need to have good attitudes, and well, I tuned him out because I was so disgusted. He mentioned the word "Baptist" several times, like he was proud of being a Baptist. He also only used two passages - and only in briefest of brief passings. And not even having all that much to do with us, but twisting the words of God's son coming to work "while it's still daytime" to mean that we need to be working while night's not here yet. So that made me not very happy and I really wanted to leave. I should have. . .

But anyways.
I found a little pub in Gallup - Really clean type - not the sleazy variety - that has wifi, so I am using that while I can. It's been weird not having internet 24/7 (because i don't have a teachery ID to use the wifi in the teachers housing yet. hopefully soon?? :) ), but Medora has taught me that it's totally okay not to be right next to a grocery store, Walmart, movies, etc. all the time. It's great not to hear ambulances every hour or so, too.

I am lonely, though. I saw my (new) housemate Christine about three times, and she's gone for the weekend, too. I went on a walk, and I passed the high school counselor, Samara, and her boyfriend. I also passed the former Spanish teacher and his daughter, who had to stop teaching because he's starting his Doctorate. He looked a lot like Tony Grubbs, one of my Spanish professors (the one who didn't let me pass either of his classes). And made me laugh inside.
The people here are beautiful. There are very few blondes. I went to Walmart and it was like a Navajo / Mexican VBS or something, there were so many little children running around or sliding on the floor (it was great fun).
But I haven't found anyone to people-watch with yet.
I am reveling in the power of the text message, and the cell phone.
Being able to hear someone's voice, or at least a textual representation of who they are, is such a blessing. Especially when I'm the only one I've really seen the past week or so.
On the upside, I found prickly pear and sage here. Hurrah! : )

Pray that I can find a friend. Or at least someone to take a walk or take picture of the flattop mountains with. Or something to do besides nothing.

I'll be expecting your letters...
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