Sunday, September 7, 2008

another week; church! and coffee. and almost there? maybe?


Today I went to Grace Bible Church (also in Gallup, so it was a "bit" of a drive, but nothing big compared to the rest of the drives I've been doing this summer). A little less than 40 minutes away. I got there maybe 15 minutes after Sunday School had started, so I snuck in with another lady after she showed me the coffee (yey!) that they served in real coffee cups (how fun!).
The pastor was teaching the sunday school, and they are (just starting) The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges. :) hurrah!
Everyone was really nice, and it wasn't just a congregation of one color/ethnicity. So that was cool. :) I wasn't the only blonde, and I wasn't lost in a crowd of white people, either. It was neat. Also, it was so so so wonderful to hear from the Word of God! :)

it was encouraging. :)

I am going to go to the after-high-school group that meets at 6 soon, and then to Walmart because well, I goto Walmart when I can, and I need um, milk. and a car sunshade. So my car doesn't implode from the heat. :)

and then tomorrow I am going to go to Flagstaff, if Rose is in her office and has my paperwork, and if I have the right "receipt" from my fingerprinting, and if I can get to Flagstaff (~2 hours of driving there from Sanders) and back by 4ish, and if the school board actually meets tomorrow night, I can start working as a substitute teacher in the spanish classroom on Tuesday. or soon thereafter. and if not, well, I am going to be sad. I've been trying to push these people to get me in the classroom somehow, but it's not very encouraging to be sitting around day after day because people are never in their offices when they are "supposed to be" or when I need to see them about something, or yeah.

So pray that I will be brave.

and that maybe I can trust God with His timing. :)

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