Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ugh.... some people's children.

today i taught a fourth of my 6th hour class. the rest of them chose to talk incesantly while i was reading vocabulary words and explaining things. . . it was terrible. I was having them repeat vocab after me (so they'd know how the words sound) and eventually, they just kept talking after I asked them to stop at least 5 times. So I sat on the side of the room where no one was talking amongst themselves, and finished up with them. The rest of the kids kept talking, and I didn't really care anymore because they chose to so I didn't feel like wasting my time or everyone else's by not continuing with the lesson...
needless to say, they better not be disappointed with at least 5 points off the test. which they are most likely not going to be ready for on Monday....

i haven't seen the sun in awhile. maybe i'll go outside.
or just do my ballet conditioning video again - i did it last night and it was in-tents. :)
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