Saturday, September 27, 2008

i am LAME. with a capital L.

So yesterday I was extremely frustrated on the inside and slightly smilie-ish on the outside because of the not=getting-a-paycheck thing,
and then Christine and Gay kidnapped me and made me go to Gallup with them. I got to see a teacher store and buy two purple pens so I can grade papers; we spent an hour or so in Goodwill while Gay was waiting for her order at the pharmacy and I found the SWEETEST dishes set.s.
One was a teaset type of thing - robin's egg blue thick melamine dishes with multicolored fleckles all over it - about 7 or 8 small plates, some saucers, and 4 or 5 cups, and a creamer/sugar bowl set.
and I found some really cute cups - two are chiner teacups white with red/blue flowers(i found it on ebay's site...), and then two -with 4 matching snack plates(?) - are more like coffee mugs with orange and pink flowers. and adorable. and totally match my black towels. as weird as that sounds. because blue speckleware, pink/red/orange/white cups, and black towels for some reason look great together.

As to why I am lame?
I am at school. On a Saturday. Playing on the Internet because I have nothing to do. I spent the morning digging in the sand?dirt? dust? and planting birdseed (yes, birdseed.) and arranging rocks in my yard. And moping around feeling sorry for myself because I have yet to find someone my age who wants to do something with me. (maybe that's why I bought so many teacups, because I reallly, reallllly want people to come over. butI don't think that can happen if I can't even buy a kitchen table, let alone a shower curtain so I don't soak the floor every time I want to be clean.
and I want to go to church in Gllup tmorrow, butI don't think that will happen, because I can't even buy gas enough to do that and make it through the next few weeks. I am going to leave school now, because I haven't gotten anything done, and maybe I will just go home and crochet plastic bags into something useful. like maybe a purse. And come back tomorrow afternoon perhaps when I am less lonely and frustrated. Arrrr. (it's homecoming next week - go Pirates! :) )
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