Friday, September 26, 2008

snails can be hilarious, too. (and soft, apparently)

My last class of the day is a "Reading Builder" class. I have no idea what to do with them:
So, I found some old composition books in the closet and they write in them almost every day.
Sometimes I give them poems to read. I am thinking about making them read The Sound and the Fury....
or some other Faulkner.

I just found out that I am not getting my paycheck today. Which is awesome, because I have no money until the 10th now.
and no furniture, really...
and like no food. meh.
Trust in the Lord with ALL.... lean not on your own understanding...,
at least i'll get a big paycheck. I hope.

A few days ago I had them write about "snails." ("At least mention the word snail somewhere...")

here are a few excertps: (keep in mind that these are high school students...)

" Well I never seen a snail before so yeah. So I seen the picture of one before and it looks wicked. I also heard that they are very slow at moving to different places. And that's all I got to say about them."

"Snails are bugs or i think fishes maybe either. There like slower as slow. We used ot have one but it died so that's it. "

"...I wonder why they're small and slow even though I haven't actually seen one but that's how they are." ...

"I seen a lot of snails at my grandfather's ranch in tanner spring..."

"OMG!! Today I feel so weird, because i have alot of energy drinks and i should of only drank one but nope i drank 4 now i feel sick but it is alright...." (
this one made me laugh, because nowhere in the whole entry was the word "snail" mentioned.)

"I'm tired I can't think I like to carry around snails there fragile and soft."

(After reading cummings' poem: "I carry your heart is the most gayest ***ing poem I ever herd in my life. It's so gay it makes Micheal Jackson wanna be a rock star Just kidding It's a ok story.")

(from the same feller):" Is a snail those thing with a shell on there back.and there all slimy and sh(scribbled out). I seen a snail before at my house. They crawl very slow. It would take them months to crawl a mile.

"Over the weekend we went to G-town (Gallup) and my parents bought my sisters two snails and now I have to feed them everyday when I get home from school. It's all retarded and stupid and dumb and like one of them died two days ago. "

"One day I saw a snail at a park in Salt Lake City that time I was about 10 years old..."

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