Friday, October 3, 2008

plarnsenger bag,

Another fire drill! That makes three!
And it is "spirit day" which means that there is chaos and half of my classes are going to be out working on floats - and we have a test in here on Monday.... meh!

I am going to try to use this time - before the pep rally, at least - to plan for next week. And, since we don't have books yet, to use the Paso a Paso website to make up some vocabulary handouts and worksheets using the aforementioned vocabulary.

So I call the kids in my classes "children" - like when it's time to get started, I'll say "Alright children, get out your packets,..." and funny times - some of them call me "mom" now - "Okay, mom." hahahahahah. this makes me smile. :)

I went to my first lady Pirates volleyball game last night - It was confusing because they played to 25 for each match.... our girls are pretty good - the other team was decent, too - we had several long volleys going there for awhile.

I am mostly done with my plarnsenger bag - my plarn messenger bag... :)
i am going to make some mittens.
and keep working on my blanket. and the baby sweater that I started....
for a girl baby.
The girls in my 1st hour just happened to have "John Tucker Must Die"with them, and I just happened to bring my DVD player... so they are watching it. Danielle (who brought it) has hot pink hair. :) hehe.

Back to making up stuff to learn next week! :)
and making students turn things in! :)

and maybe going to the football game tnight. if i can find someone to go with - I went to the bonfire last night and no one really talked to me, and I couldn't find any "teachers" to hang out with, so I left.
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