Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday and time for Surf's Up!

My lesson plans for yesterday and today? Watching the movie "Surf's Up." In English. I think these kids need a break, that way they'll be ready for the REAL STUFF come the beginning of next quarter.
Anyway, the movie Surf's Up - Quite reminiscent of the movie "Cars," for some reason - same adult-humor (by that I mean not in rating, but the jokes they throw in there), same silliness (baby penguins? pit crew? :) ) , slightly awkward "romantic" moments,... weird.

Lani -"Can I tell you something personal?" (haha)
Cody -"Well, we're in the shower together..."

Lani Aliikai: Oh, crap!
[runs out to save drowning penguin]
Cody Maverick: Oh man, I'm in love.
Chicken Joe*: You should go talk to her.
Cody Maverick: No way, man!
Chicken Joe: Dude, she's totally into you! She called you crap!
*played by Jon Heder :)

And there are also borderline ridiculous statements...
Chicken Joe: Cody's around here somewhere, I can feel it in my nuggets!

[Cody has just raspberried at Glen] ***this is one of the funniest scenes. :) It was fun watching my kids watch it. hehe. ...
Glen Maverick: That's really disrespectful.
[Cody blows another raspberry]
Glen Maverick: I would never do that...
Cody Maverick: Mm-hm. You just wouldn't make it out of your mouth.

Chicken Joe: I'm Chicken Joe. Joseph. It's long for Joe.

Cody Maverick: My name's Cody Maverick, Shiverpool. You?
Chicken Joe: No, I'm not from Shiverpool.

If you can't tell, I dig Chicken Joe. My bros do, too. :)

And I am supposed to get paid today... Which is great, because if I actually get my checks - yes, plural. then I can buy groceries, maybe a table and some chairs (so I don't have to sit / lie on the floor to eat) and take my laptop to BestBuy so it can see the doctor... (pray that it still works... it has a fan problem right now.)

So,.. my pans for Fall Break? Which starts this afternoon and ends really early in the morning on the 20th. . .

Go shopping in the "big city" - Albuquerque. Probably experience some reverse culture shock.
Best Buy, Target, Barnes and Noble, World Market, Goodwill. (Goodwill is the only one of those five listed that's relatively close to me right now... sad.)

maybe go to the Grand Canyon. or hiking somewhere....

and it's my prep period now! More later, perhaps!
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