Monday, October 6, 2008

excerpts from test #1.... which has a high grade of 76 so far... :-/

"Write a dialogue between two people/animals:"

"Hi my name is Walter and I'm from Teaxs my nationality is white. My birthday is on the 10-18-79 of this month. My favorite animals are horse's, dog's, and cats. My activities are riding horses, working on my dog. My dislikes are not to sit around at home." *totally in English. haha.

Señor Cortez - ¿hola?
Señorita munez -' HUH? (¿que?)
Señor Cortez - Do you e speak ¿español?
Señorita munez-Nope. Sorry.
Señor Cortez - Alrighty then, good day to you.
Señorita munez- peace out! !

"Mi nombre es Tom... Soy de America. Soy Americana." (mixing genders - calling himself a woman...eeps! )

"Como esa usted, Señor Marcus? (idk just sed something)
Buenos diaz, Señorita Sally =) haha. random name. "


"Hola! Yo soy un perro. Me llamo es ginger. Soy de Mexico. Me gusta leer. No me gusta nadar afuera. Mi cumpleaños es vientiseis de julio."

"Hola mi nombre es Boomer. Hola Boomer, mi nombre es Spagnoli.
Hola Spagnoli. ¿De donde eres? Yo soy de America. ¿De donde eres Boomer?
Yo soy de Finlandia, no me gusta Finlandia. ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños Boomer?
Mi cumpleaños es el cinco de Mayo. ¿Como Ud? Mi cumpleaños es el tres de octubre. La fecha de hoy_ Hoy es el seis de octubre, spagnoli.¨

"Hola! Mi nombre es Señor Pez. Yo soy de America. Yo soy americana. Me gusta nadar afuera." (Señor Pez is what I named the "class" betta fish.)

"Rocksand. brou October 23, 1990. She is 18 teen year old. She is from tubscity. She lik to Ranch. and basketball. her favert colors pink and blue. She Rodeos when she is off school or out of school.
Sister = Dana. Bod 10/28... likes to whack tv, and cats. we..."
*this just confused me.... so i wrote "in spanish, please" on his paper. in spanish.

What time of day would you say the following? -
"Buenas tardes" _______--> "late to class"

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