Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Plea for help. well, kinda. more of a plea to buy stuff...

I am attempting to get some kids to go to Costa Rica this coming June - but there's no way they can afford this on their own... so i've been trying to find some good fundraisers... A few of you gave me ideas, and a few others just gave me... some fun things to do. or something.
bake sale, hug sale, sell toilets, car wash
sell chocolate bars (*we live in the desert. kinda)
change your name for a day, wear pajamas in school...

However, here are some real things you could do to help:

Buy magazines at up to 85% off!! (amazing, I know!)

Buy (online) at your favorite stores (BestBuy, Target, WalMart, etc...) through this site, which will give us a comission (only when you go to those stores' websites through our "mall." Click here!!
( )

And if you do something as simple as your "online shopping" through these links, you'll be sending some kids to Costa Rica - most of these kids haven't even been out of the southwest!

just a thought. and a petition, of sorts. :)
thanks for reading! :)
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