Monday, October 27, 2008

too cool for drool.

no one reads this... at least on blogger. but if you do, leave me a comment.

i have a new friend. :) her name is Betsy. she likes doing crafty things that you can see the results right away, has a really neat house and a fun hubby, and invited me over for Thanksgiving. :) And she has a brother named Jeff who has a truck and knows a lot of neat places to hike - and pretty much grew up down here yonder. they have a sister, too. and a mum and pop. hahaha. . .
you can't tell that i've been helping my Spanish kids write children's books since Friday.

or that this morning was like Christmas for me - I got the textbooks I'd ordered!!! :) God is SO good, especially since this week is chaos with AIMS/PSAT testing and we wouldn't get much done in them, so I have all WEEK to plan. and :) yeah. There is a "Bonfire" on Sunday. which is great - and yet reminds me of the MSU /UM bonfires. did they have one this year? (or, was it even UM?)

and now for something completely different.
i'm going to bed.
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