Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun (?) little update-ical blurbs

I am watching The Shining. Can't say I've watched it before, but I needed something to watch/listen to while cleaning up in preparation for "housing inspections."

Once again I have been disappointed by my students. I assigned them the daunting task of writing a childrens' story last Monday, to be due on Friday. They had literally all week to work on it, and I even extended the due date to today (Monday).

Today, though, we "started" Paso a Paso (our spanish TEXTBOOKS - there are THIRTY of them!!! Hallelujah!!). They had a bit of a hard time with the dialogues, because it was, i suppose, our first time. (Because I've been working more on vocabulary, but MEH).

We also talked about the things I am going to start saying / making them say. Such as, they know how to ask to use the restroom,.. but now i am not letting anyone leave if they can't say it in Spanish (example: library, nurse, office, Ms. Saffell, (haha).)

And then in 7th hour some girl came in and told me to go get a flu shot. I think it was free... the nurse who "gave" it to me was like On the count of 3 - 1, 2, 3... and I was like (in my head) - was i supposed to feel something? I didn't... but now I do. it is sore.

I am supposed to "keep moving my arm" (whatever that means??) So I finished another pillowcase dress. That makes two dresses (toddler sized, if anyone's interested: one's pale yellow, and one's whitepink. both have flowers. and are great for layering or wearing alone (in warmer weather).

there is a cat outside eating my leftover chicken from a few weeks ago that i though was in the fridge. (sorry for the grammarian mess). There were two of them eating from my garbage bag of chicken guts, so i was like, hey! cats must be hungry. easier than finding someplace for chicken guts - kitties! :) one of them ran off, and the other one (that is out there now) just chilled in the street.

So i burned my cardboard (i am gradually "adding" it to the pathetic excuse of soil we have, along with my coffee grouns) and then he came back,
or she.

I have the counter halfway cleared. WOOT!

Jack nicholson is ridiculous. and he's always angryous.

Mmm, old chips. that aren't too stale!

i miss you like crazy. all of you. write to me! i will write you back! on... my prep period! yeah! woot! Kristan, i need your real email address...
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