Saturday, November 22, 2008

craft sale...

Well my first "solo" craft sale (hosted by the elementary school's PTO) was pretty much a flop.

I sold a few suckers for the Costa Rica Trip, and had a few ladies (there were maybe 10 non-vendors, tops!) looked at my pillowcase dresses. at least Laurie (the teacher who lives next/behind/beside/random preposition to me) wants 4 of them. i hope....

So i managed to sell one of my scarves (my $5 transformed from dollar tree scarves) to one of the younger girls at the sale - she gave me three dollars (what she had left after buying some suckers, lol...) and a pair of size 6 knitting needles that "we don't know how to knit, so you can have them if you want..." so yey. (more) nitn needls!

but most of the morning was really frustrating because no one really came. i'm not sure why, ...ridiculous, really. they probably had no signage or something. meh!

i am in the process of rolling yarn balls from the flea market two weeks ago-ish, and cleaning my trailer, and making "plarn."
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