Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watch a video - for free. courtesy of Spanish I and II

Want to watch the movie “Pilgrim Routes? It is about the pilgrimages people make to Leon, Spain… Here is a brief, albeit exciting summary. So you don’t have to watch it for yourself!! 

Written by my students as “notes” on the movie (5 sentences worth of notes: I was pulling teeth, figuratively speaking.)

In early October, great harvest has started.
Spain has more acres of vines than anywhere else.
Corps has been growing in regions for century.
There is a hospital free of charge.
Leon has some of the best fish in Spain.
The king is the famous person.
They plant grapes for their lives.
They traveled the world.
Spain has the most person.
Some people walk and most have rides.
Spain has more acres of vines.
Spain grows grapes. Acres of them.
The take back the grapes to the elders.
The ladies go sing at a church.
Dominico: They built a hospital for the pilgrims that are around there.
They been drinking wines for the rest of their years.
Spain has more acres of vines than in the whole world.
Wine is a way of life.
The lady has 210-250 roosters.
The guy caught the largest fish.
They have 18 different kinds of cookies in the bakery.
The tourists walked to many places.
Wine making is very important they sell most of it.
Fly fish is very popular in Spain. When they catch a fish they let it go.
A lady breeds chickens and roosters for fly fishing.
People called pilgrems walk for days from one town to another.
Fly fishing you have to practice anyone can do it.
Some souvenirs are made from coal.
Spain makes wine and they like to go fly fishing.
They make 18 different flavors of cookies.
The movie was about the place around Spain and it was showing different places.
Flytime was written in 1644.
At the northern part of Spain in the rivers, the water temperature rises and falls depending on the weather.
The impressive landmark is the church.
At the end of the walk they go to Saint Diego.
2 lady’s walked 200 miles in 2 weeks.
A book was found about fly fishing in the 15th century.
There are a lot of supermarkets in Spain.
In Spain you don’t have to drive to stores, they’re close enough to walk to.
Wine has been grown for centuries. It’s a way of life for farmers.
A mid day break in Spain is serious.
The markets are exciting and honorable thing to go to very fascinating to Americans.
The people in Spain can rebuild or reassemble a brick wall very quickly and perfect.
During the nights people in Spain enjoy themselves which is nice and breezy.
From the video, it looks as if Spain is a very hot place. Although the people who reside there, seem to be friendly.
Southern part of Spain is one big vineyard.
Fly time was written in 1624.
Northern Spain is known for fishing especially fly fishing.
Major fish fished is trout.
A book was found, about fly fishing in the 15th century.
Chicken’s and Rooster’s are breeded for fly fishing.
Local people are given fish.
They walk long voages.
In local places residence play card and local games.
The grapes are ready in October.
The grapes have been growing for centuries in Spain.
A man demonstrated how they made wine a long time ago.
For years they eat lunch and go to church.
They got good fish food in Spain.
For most the workday the night are special at night.
Spain has more anchors of vines than any other country of grapes and grown for centuries.
4000 Kilometers of fly fishing places in Leon and popular for trout fish
Impressive place of Leon is the Cathedral.
The road use to link and unify culture.
They call it fly fishing.
Grape have been growing for centuries.
Grapes have been crown for century.
Spain holds events called bullfights in Coliseums.
Spain holds some of the most lavish parties.
Juice was collected on some rock (from Grapes)
The village is named after his father.
Leon: best fish in Spain and all of Europe.
Ladies has been singing for several of years.
They are on a journey.
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