Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bucket List - Updated

Original can be found here; a few changes have been made, as well as a few additions :)

My Bucket List of Resolutions as a 20-something:

short term: years 26 to 30, ‘Til He Returns / or Calls Me Home:

GOALS FOR MY 26TH THROUGH 30TH YEARS (in no particular order) --> and some longer-term goals, as well.

  • Delight in my Lord daily, not getting discouraged when I fail or things don’t “go my way.”

This isn't always easy, I've learned. The things of this world can get in the way of time I need and need to crave with the Creator. However, the time I do make to spend with Him is always a blessing. Sometimes I have to steal time from other, also-important things to make time for the Word, and I am still learning my priorities. Don't be disappointed if one day soon I don't "want" to hang out with you because I need to do something... :) it's a good thing.

As far as not being discouraged with disappointments, it's not easy for me to keep a genuine smile on my face, but He's taught me that it's okay to mess up. I just got back from a trip to Traverse City - by bike. The last day of the trip, my body wouldn't let me go any further - with only 20 miles to go. I was pretty mad at myself at first, but after reflecting on the grace God gave me the first three days of riding - and how each new day seemed a little easier, even with ginormous hills! - "With my God, I can scale a wall! (ps 18:29) I am able to see that delighting in God is far better than delighting in my strength- or lack thereof. Simply being able to ride my bike for at least 50 miles a day? Only His gift, on any given day.
There have been other disappointments, too, but with each disappointment that comes my way, two choices also seem to appear: Do I turn to God for advice, or to man? The times that I turn to man before God usually turn into harder times, and those times when I turn to God - or to God via His people - I have better hindsight and He gives wisdom as needed.

  • Learn OT Greek
    a little hiatus from this, simply due to trying to find a job. I love languages, though... *sigh. If things work out, though, this fall I should have a little more time to study. :)

  • Keep praying for and writing to Ol’ Whoever He May Be, and wait patiently for the Lord to smack him upside the head and get his booty over here… I mean, Wait on the Lord for His choice. ;)

Still praying/writing to this fellow, but no sign of him yet. The end goal? a man who seeks God's face first before mine (= more patience on my part, and more time spent seeking God's face for myself!!) ...also, Praying for him helps keep my heart in check, and my eyes on the one who made me as the true Lover of my face. Saving my kisses for him also keeps my mind away from dwellation on things of the flesh.

  • Start an actual group for people (not just women) to learn to crochet: as ministry, outreach, and fellowship:

God has blessed my desire and passion with this already, and the Tabitha Club has been a lot of fun and a great way to connect with women of all ages! I’ve also been able to teach several people the basics of crochet! ... Haven't done this in a few months, though, because it's been a busy year!!

  • See the Grand Canyon - again. and also more of the Western states - CA, OR, WA, NV, ID...

Next time, though, I am taking someone with me. Big things like that are much better shared! ... Addition: I am saving coins for something akin to this.

  • Lose 40 lbs.

I have lost about 30 so far!!

  • Get a master's degree and my teacher’s certificate

Halfway done, but now I've hit a snag. Going to pause to earn some money to finish... meh! :)

End Goal: teaching certificate so I can get an actual Teaching Job wherever He can best use me!

  • Run a marathon.

I am going to train for the Grand Rapids Half-Marathon in October, by running and working on my core - to see if that keeps my hips/knees from dying on me. I finished the Riverbank Run: 10K edition May 8, 2010. Yay!! This will help me beat my body into submission, because I don’t want to be a pear on my 30th birthday. Hehe.

  • Shoot something besides skeet

I want to get a hunter’s license and shoot something. And say “I shot a something” and not just be telling tall tales. I am working on getting into a hunter’s safety class to get this one started... Also, looking for people who want to go with me?? JA

  • Write a book

I’ve started numerous books, but for some reason cannot get past the first few chapters. Disciplining myself with daily and weekly writing goals will help me hone my writing skills. Hence, part of why I blog…

  • Be a better listener and a better questioner

I want to learn how to listen better because so many people come to me for advice (yikes!) and yet I still somehow let myself get distracted by the things of this world rather then dropping what I deem necessary to give myself to the people that trust me with their souls. I also want to learn to be better at asking questions that make sense, especially if no one else is doing the asking in a group of people.

  • Spoil my nieces and nephews

…But in a good way. I want to use the time God’s given me to bear my friends’ burdens, helping out where I can and when I can, and encouraging them in being the best mums and dads they can. Even though I’m not a parent, I can ease their burdens by listening, visiting, sending packages, and washing dishes.

  • Be more consistent with my written correspondence

I enjoy writing letters and notes to people, but so often I let other things get in the way; Getting things in the mail besides bills can be the highlight of a terrible day, and I love being able to be a tiny part of a smile on someone’s face. J I can understand Paul when he said, “I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established; that is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.”

  • Memorize the book of Romans.

I am currently in chapter 2!

  • Study Navajo and Arabic, and keep up with my Spanish and Russian

I love languages, and how they work; I have a few books I would love to work on while I “have time,” I would like to learn at least the basics – phonics, grammatical structure,

  • Go to Turkmenistan, or at least South America

I might not make it to Central Asia (monetarily) in five years, but eventually I would love to go there. Call me nuts, but ever since I did my 10/40 window project on that country in my senior year of high school, that country has held a special place in my heart. That is also part of why I took Russian… And for some reason, I have fallen in love with the desrt. Not just in Arizona, but one of my favorite parts of Israel - where I was blessed to go over Spring Break this year - was the Negev. : )
And if an opportunity arises, I’d love to go to a country in SA or CA, specifically somewhere in the Andes where there are indigenous peoples. We could crochet together.

  • Have my “own place” again…

There’s nothing wrong with living at home, but it’s harder to have people over spontaneously to feed them or randomly workout, or just to have secret conversations about all things under the sun,… Basically, I just want my own place for ministry purposes, and a place to keep books... not yet, though. Patience, Iago! ;)

  • Go to a few more National Parks – namely, Yellowstone, Glacier, Arches, and revisit Theodore Roosevelt (North and South Units!) And also perhaps visit Alaska.

I love that God put so much detail into the world He formed, and the few national parks I’ve been to have opened my eyes to how Big He is. I also just miss the sky.

He was younger than I when he resolved such-and-such, and having something in writing will keep me accountable. Also, anyone reading this must needs feel freely obligated to ask me how things are progressing in the various bullets J

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