Friday, July 30, 2010


Ever since Andy mentioned the importance of the Name in the book of Acts (in establishing the church), I've been noticing it more in scripture...

for example,
Tim Sommers was talking about Malachi and the whole time he was talking to us, I couldn't really concentrate on what he was saying because the Name seemed to be trying to get my attention (sorry, Tim,... or am I?)
and we sing about this Name, and we tell stories about it - but is it really everything to us me?
I was thumbing through a (well-written) Bible story book for young, young children and noticed that this version of the story of "David and Goliath" didn't even mention that Goliath was bashing God's name (via the army's Name representers) in front of David... and that made me sad.
When such a powerful one-behind-the-Name exists, by ignoring or slandering or slighting His Name do we really think we are making Him any less?
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