Saturday, August 7, 2010

the kite runner -

This weekend I watched the movie "The Kite Runner" (based on the book). The Kite Runner is one of Those Movies that evokes all 1200 possible female emotions. It is about a boy growing up in Afghanistan who is friends with a boy from lower-society, and their friendship that undergoes quite a bit. That's all I am going to write about it, actually, because until you have seen it for yourself, anything I write here will be a spoiler and might ruin the movie for you. (Or read the book). 

So... this is a recommendation - especially if you are American! - to go read the book/watch the movie. It's PG-13, and has its reasons for being rated so, so beware, but it is an excellent, excellent story, and has some very beautiful cinematic scenage. 
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