Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barefoot / Helper By Design

Yesterday I walked 1 1/2 miles down the road with no shoes on.  How exciting it was to finally put my flipflops back on when I got to the end of the road : )  If it wasn't for dirty roads, i'd totally be doing that more often!
(Side note- one of my friends in college went barefoot all over the place. She is one of my heroines :)  okay, un-sidenote)

I've been reading "Helper By Design" by Elyse Fitzgerald (borrowed from Jeri), and it's a great book so far. The author is very learned, and well-written. Basically (though I'm not that far in) it's an extrapolation (although I am not quite sure that is quite the word I want to use there) of the word "helpmeet" (KJV translation) in Genesis as referring to Eve.


More to come, if I remember.
Also, my online class started, and I might have to buckle down and do very well in it this time around, seeing as the last class-and-a-half I wasn't even able to log on... ick.

Praising God for the summer "break," though. :) ..among other things.
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