Friday, January 21, 2011

note from a first grader

By mss. Johnson

I love that suBsutut Be coues she is niys and Denzel said a cus wrld and i got on pink an thay got low and we all most didtin go to recss Be coues thim oley me and Juleyn Be coues we wint to the Bathroom I was grat and I was Good and I was Good and Jakiya said the bitth wurd.
The End.

[on the other side of the paper]: love mrs. HOEKSTRA

my translation: [mind you, this is written by a first grader in a class of 22 where almost all of them are very, very little self-control, even for first graders...]

I love that substitute because she is nice and Denzel said a cuss word and I got on pink *[the teacher has a behavior system of colors, and pink is the highest] and they got on low *[this being, many of her classmates were quite naughty] and we almost didn't go to recess because of them*[maybe she thought this because I threatened they would be missing recess and working on sitting quietly - per their teacher's request!] only me and Julian because we went to the bathroom *[insert amazing self-esteem, or spelling practice?] I was great and I was good and I was good and *I'm not sure where this girl heard all the swears, but apparently I missed something in all the chaos they'd presented] Jakiya said the bitth [probably naughty] word.
The End. 

it was either written for me or the teacher, but it was on top of my stuff, so...
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