Friday, January 7, 2011


of all the small things in life, i believe the ones we chose to enjoy are the ones that can pass the time, unite souls, and spark us to better things.

David and I started a contest to see who could get the most padiddles (those unfortunate cars that for whatever reason have one of their lights out), and I have discovered that Grand Rapids is far more Dutch - translate, cheap - than Midland. I also discovered that it helps to pass the time between our visits, and gives us something to do with each other when we are a hundred miles apart.

Here is a sample (yes, I've been keeping track of a good number of the padiddles, and most of them were seen around Grand Rapids, unless otherwise noted):

12/31/10 - 7 padiddles (on the road from GRap to Midland)
1/1/11 - 8 padiddles (on the road from Midland to GRap)
1/2/11 - 8 padiddles
1/3/11 - 1 padiddle *that i recorded*
1/5/11 - 8 padiddles
1/6/11 - 11 padiddles

...and I've already found a few for today.

average west michigan padiddle count (plainfield and northland/East Beltline make up a LOT of this) = over 7 padiddles a day. *phew*
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