Saturday, March 28, 2009

should i stay or should i go?

some of my pros and cons:

staying in AZ to work in Sanders:
-job. good insurance / benefits
-get to teach a crochet class.
-get to use my spanish
-amazing church and friends there (well, in Gallup)
-a lot of the teachers and students "want" me to stay...
-i feel needed here

-far from hospitals, people my age, stores, et cetera.
-far from family
-living by myself makes me think about my health a lot more than i should be.
-i have to use a PO Box and can only get mail between 8 and 5 ... or something.
-far from all the new babies in my circle
-far from my favorite peoples ever-ever-ever

leaving sanders to go to an unknown (as of yet) destination:
-no more filters for my water
-no more huge amounts of money spent on propane
-possibly living closer to good friends and family
-more adventures
-more adventures in trust. . . and letting God love on the people I leave behind.

-leaving my kids to another year of uncertainty... with teachers coming and going and no real stability...
- the whole unknown thing. . .
-leaving another group of people and friends and a new culture ... well, just leaving in general.
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