Sunday, March 22, 2009

i kissed a b- i mean, a boy kissed me!

now, i've never been one to kiss and tell, but... i've never even been one to KISS. so tonight when this cutie kissed me, i let it sink in. literally. I mean, i know I said i was going to wait until my wedding day to kiss, but... I couldn't resist! And plus, it doesn't count...
see, Elisha and I have been friends for some time now. Since last October, I think. He's 4 now, so I guess it's okay. Anyways, I made the mistake of showing him that red frosting (from Jeff's Christmas Oreos) + lips = bright red, awesome, kissable lips. hahaha. So he went around kissing people.... or at least, trying to kiss them. He gave me a big, juicy one on my cheek. and yes, it was with red frosting. hehe.

and then he went for Rob, and Casey, and Betsy, and "Uncle Jeff," and anyone else in the room. (we were hanging at Rob's for foodage after a very, very, very windy/dusty day-trip to Canyon de Chelley(pronounced Shay).

Speaking on CDC, it was amazing. Jeff, Betsy (no Ray), Sara (no Paul, but yes Elisha and Keira), Casey, Rob, Rachel (and Alvia), and Jesse and I all went. We took Jeff's truck - me and all the guys!! - and Betsy's yellow... thing. it was a tight fit, but it was worth it :) The ride over was great fun - I drove my car to Window Rock with Casey and Jesse, and then we met everyone in the McDonald's parking lot. Jesse and Casey and Elisha kinder dozed off for awhile on the way over to the Canyon / National Monument or whatever you want to call it, but Rob, Jeff, and I stayed awake the whole time. We went to about two overlooks, and then decided to forego the rest of them because it was inCREDIBLY windy and dusty, and just went straight to the big hike. I stayed with Sara and Betsy and Keira for half of the way down - they were pushing K in the stroller, but gave up (sad) after awhile, so I traipsed to the bottom of the Canyon and met up with a huge duststorm as I crossed the bridge to see some Anasazi (?) ruins, a bathroom, and the rest of the peoples. Elisha was a bit of a slave driver on the way back, so we made it to the top in record time. After battling the dust blowing at us... I was the only one dumb enough to have my legs showing - I wore capris - and I got a few little cuts on my legs from something or other that blew into me in the fray.
But it was really, really pretty. No, that's not the word i want. *Something just blew off something outside. I heard a thumpdbd. Like maybe Forster's tv dish? hmm.... It's realllly windy. I hope my dish stays up.
It was - spectabulous. Although my earholes are full of dirt. I need to wash them out. Mayhaps I shall do that now, while I am i the middle of posting this. Since it keeps "autosaving." I need to write all this and more - much, much, much more! - in my journal, which has been neglected due to blogger and xanga and trying to teach and take classes and make and keep friends,...
okay, time to wash my hair - i mean, turn it to mud and then wash the mud out, and think about things. and then post some more more more. :) i promise you, if you read ALL of this, it will... be good for you. and your reading / proofreading skills.

okay, next day. got done from school, went to tutoring, came home, made moon toast. it is now Monday evening.
Yesterday after we finished hiking, we drove over to Spider Rock - also in the same "park."
Apparently this is where lots of commercials have taken place. For example, helicoptering a jeep to the top of Spider Rock - which is like this huge double-spire formation. it was realllly cool, and there were horses and cowses and sheep foraging at the bottom.
I ran around with Keira and Elisha, being silly. It was greeaaat fuun!
and then we got back in the vehicles and drove over to Rob's house. . . I sat in the middle front again, between Jeff and Jesse. Jesse dozed off, as did Elisha and Casey, and Jeff let me shift for him since I was practically sitting on the gearstick -thing. It wasn't that easy shifting with mainly my left hand, but I double-handed it some of the time, and I only got it out of gear once towards the beginning. hahaha.... it was fun, though. Especially since the last time I drove a stick was in Manistee like 10 or so years ago. The roads were passable - they seemed a lot like Betsy's road, and apparently were also similar to the road to Jeff's house. That is to say, the mud was dried out and there were some sweet tire ruts and all that. which made it fun to ride belted tightly next to Jeff and Jesse so I wouldn't fly away from the bumps haha.
Jeff and I discussed the various bears of the woods - i guess he has an altimeter or something and we were at like 8,000 feet :) And I asked him - since we were driving past some beautiful Ponderosas - what kind of fauna lived up this high. I heard a few people in the back say "grizzly," and then Jeff mentioned like all the varieties of bears available - black bear, brown bear, grizzly, polar (i was like, what>! ), panda (so we can eat them)... and we drove past a puddle and talked about going fishing. It was fun :)
but we got to Rob's place and had sammiches and fellowship and i heard that the Spartans won, (yey!) and then we had ice cream and I snuck into the kitchen and did the dishes. yes!
...Except jeff came in and almost gave me away when he asked "What are you doing the dishes?" so I shushed him and he whispered the same question-statement and ran away, hehehe. I love having people's dishes to wash! :) *sigh.... someday. Abba?

Aaaaand now it is Tuesday. here are some more updaters:
Last Sunday (a week ago) I went to the ER after Edge because my neck was bugging me and i've been having headaches; I got some Xrays, and the xray technician, whose name is dave, was a little friendly... he told me about his ex wife, whose name is Mandy, and his 8-year old daughter(or maybe it is she who is the Mandy), who lives near Gallup (hence his reason for "Sticking around." And after he took my xrays and showed me how straight my vertebrae were (there was barely any curve!) *result of whiplash = sprained neck, for me, I guess. ... He wheeled me back to the exam room and basically asked me out. It's an open-invitation - "You're an incredibly beautiful woman; any time you're in town and maybe want to see a movie or something, ...." sure, it was flattering and all, but yipes! gleeps! he practically saw me naked! and i have no idea who he is....

So I went into Albuquerque (there's no "r" after the first "U!") this past Friday to get a root canal... I made it, barely - i had to drop off my grades at school, and stop in to pick up a PT recommendation from Gallup, but i made it!! only 10 or so minutes "late." *sigh* I got there and the office was all dark and stuff, and apparently they are really into being Asian. the room they stuck me in had a huge window-door and there was a creek outside with bamboo growing, and rocks, and....pigeons. hahahahahaha. so he gave me like 20 shots of something to numb my right side of my face, and i started shaking but that got better eventually. and he drilled around in my tooth for a bit and it was great fun. and it smelled like burnt hair. which is probably more to say, burnt tooth. and he filled my tooth with putty of some sort, wrote three incredibly messy prescriptions, and sent me on my way. I went to wal-greens and got some drugs, and took them, and then went to target to get some yogurt (and a scarf!) to go with the antibiotics. then I drove around until I found my hotel - a Days Inn... very posh. king sized bed!. et cetera.
I tried calling Jessica and Jeff and Betsy to see if they were still going to the hockey game, but I couldn't get a hold of anyone. So... I decided to risk it. I packed my crochet in my purse in case I couldn't find them, and drove 40 minutes to Rio Rancho. Luckily, the ice wasn't frozen, so instead of being late, I was 40 or more minutes early, and even better, I found Jeff / Jessica / Rachel right away! Jeff moved over so I could sit next to Jessica, but he didn't have to. Silly boy. We lost, but the ref totally stole 2 of our goals (and by "we" i mean the scorpions. they were playing arizona, haha). It was a pretty good games besides the referee.....
after the game we met up at some gas station - after waiting for people to leave the parking lot, that is. ha! - and Jeff showed me the road "back" to ABQ. . . . which apparently needs a number/name sign. because i failed to turn where i should have, ... Good thing I had a map. ABQ is so confusing at night. It's almost as confusing in the daytime, but I drove around a lot on Saturday, so things are a.... smidgen more clear now. The mountain is "east," got it. :)

Saturday I drove around town and bought stuff, and had starbucks (my new drink is the "Espresso Truffle." which btw is amaaaazing and you need to try it!) and then attempted to eat some food which was hard because my tooth is really sharp right now so drinking was the worst, and i kept cutting my tongue. owww. I think it's a little wee bit better now, though, because either it's scarred over, or it's wearing down. yipes. So I got back on the road, finally,... and made it back a little before 11. After stoppin in Gallup to use the bathroom slash wake up.
And I got to go to B&N while in ABQ, and before i went in the store, one of thesongs from the new BSS CD (Anti-Meridian) was on the RADIO - "starlings." It's a great reminder of how incredibly much God cares for us, because of his care for the silly little birds of the earth.
here are the lyrics .... and if you want to hear the song for yourself (it's incredible: ) email me!

THE OFFICIAL STARLING LYRICS(taken from the official message board) ARE AS FOLLOWS:

Filthy bird laying in our yard
four chambered heart never beat so hard
Dad said she was almost gone,
upside down out on our lawn.
And I could hold her in a shoe box,
if she heals she could be mine.
And if I cannot save her spirit,
dad says I should break her spine.
Shaking, brilliant, silver-black wings,
Jesus Christ, what prayers these tears sing.

Wear your hearts out on your sleeves for
starlings... starlings.
Of the least of all of these,
are starlings... starlings.

Two years pass, I pumped the chamber,
full of air to shoot the birds.
Harmless game to hit them slightly,
to scare them off, in other words.
Starling falling to her death,
piercing copper steals her breath.
See the flutter in her breast,
starving babies in her nest.
Raise their souls up to the sky,
why must helpless creatures die?


Every breath has sacred weight,
every life has some design.
Can we kill and also save,
speak of life,
while digging graves?


also, yesterday marty was playing around in 4th hour and totally ran into the wall... my 7th hour kids discovered a huge hole. ooooops. So i told him to talk to the peeps in the office about it. *sigh* poor kid.

this whole decision-thing coming up is kinda freaking me out. so... i shall not freak. I am going to trust. it's like bittersweet Ghiradelli - you want to finish it, you don't want to finish it, but you love the savoryness of the process.
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