Friday, May 8, 2009


It is at least $2,000 for a round-trip to Turkmenistan.

It was at least 84 degrees (F) today.

Brave Saint Saturn has more than 18 songs on my computer.

I have 4 brothers.

Mitchell discovered i have infinitesimal knots in my back/neck/shoulders. anyone wanna help remove them?

Phil Wickham is a soother.

I just bought the mp3s from Phillip LaRue's new cd. (without Natalie, sad day.). . . It was agood investment. I have to lyricise research still, though.
and do homeworks.

Abba, show me where your heart lies. make mine align with that.
te amo. y extraño.

567енгриоташгрылидмьп щудкл пуылдпя жкоыдочжлщыеко
which means aieuhtj serto siejgpoalnergoiaske gosierlgj

(in Russian)

ciao, bella!

"Scheduled outage at 2:00am PDT on Monday (5/11)."
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