Tuesday, April 28, 2009

swine flu on a paper plate. with paint!

today Shane went about school with a dust-mask on.

he wore it while playing hackysack in the halls, while painting paper plates and working on his poster, and heaven knows where else. (and i thought I was the one who just traveled to mexico?!)

silly child.

and sam and a few others ate paint. they spat it out quickly, luckily, but for a few minutes they had blackened teeth...

silly childrens.

it is things like this that make my day what it is. unforgettable, and unique, and precious. i am going to miss these crazy-go-nuts teenagers that have (at least some of them) been forced into early adulthood.

i am going to miss their snide remarks and "racist" comments (well, calling me racist when I assign homework, etc.), and the easy way of communication we've developed.

julius keeps trying to ask me out. hopefully just as a joke, hahaha. ...
i am maybe not going to miss that, but it's still part of my valley high school experience.

a few of these young whippersnappers have taken up residence in my room during the lunch hour to watch movies and hang out... i spent all year wishing they would, and now, with 18 days left of school, they've begun.

hmmm. tomorrow (and thursday) is Parent . Teacher . conferences (PTC). I am having my chillen make posters with labels in spanish; they are also painting paper plates to hang on the wall. :-D

good times.

it is time for bed, for i am sleepy, albeit incredibly busy.

and yesterday the juniper (or jack?) pines gave me a terrible allergical headache.
i don't think i will miss that much at all. :-p
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