Sunday, April 26, 2009

jesus woodlaaji sin (the name of the navajo hymnal!)

I went on my first "real" women's retreat this weekend. (I usually only go with mixed genders).

It was pretty neat, aaand I got to sing in Navajo. Not that I knew what I was singing, mind you, but it was quite the experience. Especially Saturday morning, when ladies kept going up to the front and suggesting songs (in response to the song leader's "does anyone have any special music?" The ladies would go up to the podium and say something like "my grandma likes this song," or "I have been blessed by something or other," or - the neatest was this grandma who went up there and talked in navajo for 5 minutes about something and you could read in her face the goodness of God.

so here are a few links to some videos of songs we sang.

it was neat. Friday was hard because I kept thinking about Sam and the things she's been doing; but... she's been texting me from other peoples' phones, so at least I know she has a "line open." if that makes sense. At least I can be an ear...

Abba, use me.
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