Sunday, April 5, 2009

one more month or so.

Once again I have to say goodbye.

goodbyes are not easy -
along with the word comes missing

babies grow up without you
people get married without you
still others will die and graduate to the next step - yes, without you.

that is just the tip of the hard part of leaving a place that has endeared itself to me. Not so much the place - I won't mind seeing "tall" trees again, but the people.

A people so full of love and hope and spleen (erm, compassion) and hugs. . .
a people that isn't afraid to laugh and make jokes at your expense because they think you "fit," ...
a people with skin so beautiful, hair so long, and eyes so piercing that you will never forget, even if all their faces blend into one beautiful face searching for truth...
a people - though not all are navajo - that reaches out to your soul, begging you to stay forever and be part of them...
a people - rather, an extension of His Body - that acts much as arms extended in a perpetual physical hug - that cares about your soul, your wellbeing, and the importance of hugs...
a people - that i have grown to love: black hair, pink hair, blue and green hair, blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, beards, and clean-shaven: I will miss you.

And someday, be it a year from now or in eternity, we will - let me repeat that - we will - meet again. I pray that it may be in the same place.
Until then, I will continue to savor every single moment I am given with you all.
Starting last August.
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