Tuesday, November 24, 2009

twins in community

A friend recently gave me a book to read. (Not very many people these days hand me a book to read; usually, they suggest books, but this person gave me the book). . . I am reading it, and finding it very interesting and enlightening, and very applicable in light of life as of late. Here is an excerpt, an example given in chapter 2:

"Imagine a young couple, Bob and Mary, who are involved in a local congregation. Mary gives birth to twins. Bob and Mary are now facing the prospect of trying to cope with babies who constantly need feeding and changing. In the first model, juggling the church ball alongside the new family responsibilities becomes impossible. Bob and Mary decide they will have to forget being involved in church activities on anything more than a minimal level for quite some time. So they make a unilateral decision to absent themselves from much of church life.

"In the alternative model, it is not only Bob and Mary's issue when the babies are born. It is an issue for the whole church. The congregation takes on some of the responsibility because their identity and life is that of persons-in-community. So perhaps a couple of people go around early each morning to bathe the babies so Bob and Mary can have some time together over breakfast. Or someone offers to take Bob to work for a few months so that on the way Bob can sleep or read his Bible, or they can pray together because Bob is not getting much chance to do these things at home. Bob and Mary may not be as involve in the church meetings, but they are more involved then ever inthe life of the community." (from the chapter entitled "Why Community?" in the book Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this li'l bit, or pass the book your direction when I'm finished =) Holla.
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