Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012, meet 2013!

It snowed on New Year's Eve, on New Year's Day, and today. It might not have been two feet of snow, but it was a decent salt-shaker's worth of snow in appearance as it fell from the sky.

We left my inlaw's house on NYE and as we were getting into the Jeep we got to catch fireworks exploding a few blocks away.  It was pretty super (and also pretty cold).

at Colonial's "Movie on the Lawn"
We've been married for 6 months and it seems like much longer(inagoodway). We've learned much about God's goodness in the Psalms in the past few months, and much about each other as we've dealt with job hunting, interviews, declined jobs, job offers that wouldn't be enough to live on, and  Still haven't been able to have the Michigan reception we'd planned on, but hope to soon. We've shared many meals with D's family, and learned to share what little we have with each other and D's grandpa (withwhomwe'reliving).

I've been working at Barnes&Noble as a "seasonal worker" - didn't have the 90-days-of-training that almost everyone else had, but I've done all right so far. We shall see if I am asked to stay on . . . I like working there, but it's hard to pay bills on only $7.50/hr.

Waiting for Grand Canyon to find me a placement - finally heard from someone today that all three of the schools I'd put on my application didn't have space.... so I took initiative and gave the guy who is supposed to be helping me get placed no less than 25 schools to call for me.
we shall see.

D and I have been scheming how we can get out of debt and move forward in our goal: alaska, airplanes, 6 kids, etc...
February 2011 at Beaners :) 
I've been hounding Pinterest for homesteading ideas, and gradually learning bits and pieces of how-to-make-it-on-very-little. Even though we still don't have our own place, we've been learning to live on very little as it is, and I've been learning to make freezer meals (and been trying harder to cook for possibly 3-instead-of-7 people)...

This year I hope to write more... Last year (11/2012) I attempted NaNoWriMo.... Made it to about the halfway point, but Thanksgiving / social activities got in the way, and I discovered it's incredibly hard to write when we don't have our own place... because inlaws just so happen to be very loud. :p  (sometimes loud is fun, but when trying to write or study, it's very distracting. . . at least, it is for me.)

I can't promise I'll write every day, or even every week.
Sally and I at the dogpark in Homestead :) 
I want to be a better writer, though, so I promise I'll write more.

I'll shoot for quality, too. I might post about something controversial, or simply share a recipe that my family enjoyed.
Churrasco Steaks at Mario's in Homestead

I might post a picture on occasion,

or something encouraging.

I might review a book, or a hotel, or an interesting landmark.
in love on the beach (FL 2011)

My blog isn't really thematical, but it is me. Coined words, silly phrases, and lots of creativity. A little bit of love for everything God made, and a lot of love for the Creator.

Stay tuned - this could be (more) fun!
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