Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lois Lenski - book reviews: San Francisco Boy, Shoo-fly Girl, Corn-farm Boy

I recently discovered several new-to-me books at the local library. Lois Lenski's books have always been on my top choices for children, and when i discovered about ten out-of-print, expensive-on-amazon books, I couldn't NOT pick them up and take them home with me.

Here is a short run-down on the ones I was able to find:

  San Francisco Boy is about a young boy and his sister (and their other siblings, but the book's main focus is on those two) who move from Alameda, California to San Francisco. Most of the story is about the boy's struggle with homesickness and making new friends; his younger sister makes friends easily with their neighbors and shop owners. It is full of Chinese culture - and even some Italian fun, as well! - and a great read for anyone interested in life in Chinatown, California.

Shoo-fly Girl is about an Amish girl who is part of a large family. She helps the family grow their tobacco crop for sale, and has a pet crow that no one likes. She and her family learn to be friends with their "English" neighbors, all the while overcoming their prejudice. Reading this story was definitely fun, and recommended for anyone who is interested in the lives of Amish children.

Corn-Farm Boy is about a boy who suffers with rheumatism. He lives on a farm with his siblings; since he has to limit his physical activity, he "collects" animals as pets, doctoring them when they're sick. He tries his best to help the family as they try a new method of planting corn that makes them look foolish to the neighbors, but it pays off in the end. This is a great story for animal lovers and young boys looking for everyday adventures.
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