Wednesday, January 16, 2013

butter typoes ;)

When I read something - anything, be it print, on the internet, on signs, etc... - my brain is on alert and ready to mock any typos or grammatical eras* I see ;)   I'm not sure when it started, (even though I myself sometimes use lowecase letterage or coin words), but any time I catch a typo (ad nauseum), I get a little excited. ... and sometimes a little frustrated that the world didn't help out those people enough to show them they could have a much better life if only....

Anywhoodle, I know I'm not the only one out there / they're still around / their influence makes me who I am ... ;)

What's the best / worst grammar/typo you've seen?  comments necessary!

Also, in the last week I've lost a whole pound of weight - that's equivalent to four sticks of butter! It doesn't seem like a lot in my head, but if I picture butter I feel so much more proud of myself!
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