Saturday, January 31, 2009

this has nothing to do with school. well, at least mostly nothing...

You know how there's this game called "Sequence?" Well, tonight a few neat people and I played "SEQUENCE states and capitals."

It's great! and apparently I forgot about the "team" part of the game (when more than two people are playing...) so there were 5 of us playing with the three different colors (four of them used opposite sides of the tokes, and i just used the purple, lolz.
So instead of matching numbers/faces on the cards in your hand to the one on your board, you match the capital to the state on the board... it's so fun! haha.
Especially if the guy next to you steals your mood ring and wears it for like ten minutes.
Not that that was hilarious (insert ominous undertones) or anything, but it barely fit halfway down his pinky finger. hehe. Hurrah for having relatively small hands :)
And hurrah (or not) for not being [too] obvious. according to Gay, at least.

sidenote: "Z" means "no" - at least according to Samantha. (one of my many childrens) Example -
me: "Samantha! did you finish your work?"
She: "Z!"
me: does that mean "no?"
she: yes

i got my hair trimmed, and new jeans. i love paydays. i can look less shaggy now.

but (sorry, Marley) i wore my blue mascara today. i liked it. I only had negative three minutes to get all my "Stuff" before Gay and i drove off to Gallup today, and my "brownish black" was evading me.

tomorrow "we" are going bowling. And for once, I have no idea what to wear.
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