Sunday, January 18, 2009

tests and babies.

So I haven't had internet at my trailer for almost a week. Which is not good considering I have two huge tests to study for, and I can't email myself my lessons to the school computer to print off.... Stinky.
So we spent the majority of the week working on our salt dough maps. They actually are turning out better than I expected, and I think the kids actually possibly enjoyed them.

As far as Spanish, though, I'm pretty sure I am a terrible teacher. I am going to try and tie in the vocab we are learning somehow with the inauguration on Tuesday. At least, maybe having them read about dicatators and presidents of various countries we are studying, but in Spanish. and maybe writing a bit about them.

and we need to get to estar, but I think most of them are still confused by "ser," MEH!

so these tests I am taking this coming Saturday are (1) secondary "professional knowledge" - meaning, "how to teach high schoolers" and (2) "subject knowledge" - meaning Spanish (for me.)
I am NOT looking forward to spending a Saturday morning/ afternoon taking these tests, especially since I am very doubtful as to a positive outcome. But I will rejoice, because pass or fail, my God is amazing and has somewhere in the world for me to be... as far as my "talents" go. whatever they are.

And I'm pretty sure "kids" and "languages" and "creativity" are what I am meant to be. if that makes any sense.

So right now I am trying to listen. and look for something that's out there.
and save a little money, pay my bills, crochet a ripple blanket, listen to amazing music, learn myself the piano, and plan a trip to Mexico.

And not think too much about relationships, babies, houses, and everything that everyone else seems to be getting themselves into these days.
meh! :) which is "hem" backwards, which is what I did two nights ago to two pillows, a sweater, a long-sleeved shirt, and my life.
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