Wednesday, January 21, 2009

oh how fun.

"Are you going skinny dipping tonight, Miss Johnson?" asks one of my students from a bus window (as I'm walking to my car after school - could I fit any more adjectives in this sentence? Probably.)
"Not tonight, XXXXXX, I have to ... um.... do laundry," I reply.

Just another tidbit of my life.

and no, I have not converted to nudism. We were working on a weekly schedule - conjugating the verb "ir" (meaning "to go")- in groups and a few of my girls wanted to go above and beyond... so they asked me how to say "crash a baby shower" and "go skinny dipping."

and I gave my 110% and found it for them on

so now they call me "teacher-foo[l]"(another story) and ask me how skinny dipping is / if I'm going.

I am falling in love with these young'uns...
which makes whatever decision is "coming up" even harder. Along with multitudinous other things. So I'm letting God teach me how to listen.
at least, I'm trying.
it is SO not easy all the time, though.
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